The Future of Space Travel

Image result for shuttle launch
Shuttle Launch

Space exploration is something that intrigues us all because, as Star Trek coined many years ago; “Space: the final frontier… To boldly go where no man has gone before”. We’ve traveled to space many time before, with the Apollo 11 moon landing being one of the most famous expeditions. This trip was so famous because it was the first time anyone has ever stepped food on another celestial body other than Earth. However, since then, we have not stepped foot anywhere else. So what is the next place mankind will go? According to Elon Musk and SpaceX, Mars is our next destination. We have already sent objects to Mars, such as the Mars Rover, but now it is time to send people to Mars. SpaceX intends to send send a cargo mission to Mars in 2022, with a second cargo and crew mission in 2024. There are a ton of ethical questions that come with travel like this, but only time will tell of what is to come next.


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